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Product - Pyrolytic Graphite(PG)


Preparation and properties

PG is a turbostratic structure carbon by chemical vapor deposition, from a carbon-containing gas on substrate at a temperature above 18000C and at pressure between 10~15torr. This material has a high density (>2.20g/cm3) high purity (content of impurity <0.002%), and shows highly anisotropic thermal, electrical, magnetic, mechanical properties, its thermal conductivity in a directions approximates to that of copper at room temperature (0.9 cal/cm sec K), and its insulation property in c direction is as good as that of ceramic (0.005 cal/cm sec K). The ultimate tensile strength is 280MPa in a and b directions at 27000C. The electrical resistivity in a and c directions of PG are 2 * AND respectively. PG is also a excellent electric vacuum material. At 18000C the vacuum can be retained at 10-7 torr.

Products and Applications

PG plate: 2001005mm, It can be used for making throat insert of solid missile nozzle and brush of contact variable transformer.

PG Coating: In order to increase the purity, strength and erosion-resistance, the massive graphite products could be coated with PG layer. It is suitable for making semi-conductive epitaxial substrate and graphite furnace of atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

PG tubes and crucibles: After the blank tubes are machined, they can be used as grids of high frequency, high power transmitting vacuum tubes. PG crucibles are excellent devices for refining high purity and rare expensive and noble metals.

Specification and annual output

PG plate: 250-300kg/year

  PG tubes: (20-50) 1(50-100)mm.                  3000-pieces/year
(50-100) 1.5(200-250)mm.           500 pieces/year
(100-200) (1.5-2) (250-400)mm. 200 pieces/year
  Graphite furnace tubes of atomic absorption spectrophotometer
                    20000 pieces/year


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