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Group Equipments

  Mixer/mill machine (Planetary Micro Mill pulverisette 7 mill)
  Electric arc furnace (NMT-1)
  Precision Etching Coating System (model 682)
 Glove box (MBRAUN UNILAB 4069A)
Property Measuring
 Testing equipment (Hounsfield H5K-S)
 Electrochemical testing system (PARSTAT 2273)
 Multichannel potetiostat/galvanostat (VSP-300)
 Field emission measurement apparatus(FEM-2002)
  Electrochemical testing system (Solartron 1260/1287)
 Hydrogen storage apparatus (HV-2003)
 Surface Area and Porosimery Analyzer (ASAP2020HD)
 UV/VIS Spectroscopy (Jasco V-550)
 Raman spectroscopy (Labram HR 800)
 In situ STM-TEM Holder (ST1000)
 UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer (Cary 5000)
 Surface Area and Porosimery Analyzer (ASAP2010M)
 Scanning electron microscope £®Nova NanoSEM 430£©
 Thermal analysis combination with Mass spectrometry
 Gas Chromatography (Agilent 6890N)
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