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1 A. Krishnamurthy, V. Gadhamshetty*, R. Mukherjee, Z. P. Chen, W. C. Ren, H.M. Cheng, N. Koratkar*
  Passivation of microbial corrosion using a graphene coating
Carbon,56, 45-49,2013 [PDF download]
2 T. Y. Liu, L. L. Zhang, W. J. Yu, S. S. Li, P. X. Hou, H. T. Cong, C. Liu*, H. M. Cheng
  Growth of double-walled carbon nanotubes from silicon oxide nanoparticles
Carbon,56, 167-172,2013 [PDF download]
3 D. M. Sun, C. Liu, W. C. Ren, H. M. Cheng*
  A review of carbon nanotube- and graphene-based flexible thin-film transistors
Small,9 (8), 1188-1205,2013 [PDF download]
4 B. L. Liu, H. Jiang, A. V. Krasheninnikov, A.G. Nasibulin, W. C. Ren, C. Liu, E. I. Kauppinen*, H. M. Cheng*
  Chirality-dependent reactivity of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes
Small,9 (8), 1379-1386,2013 [PDF download]
5 C. Liu, H. M. Cheng*
  Carbon nanotube: controlled growth and application
Materials Today,16 (1-2), 19-28,2013 [PDF download]
6 G. Liu, P. Niu, H. M. Cheng*
  Visible-light-active elemental photocatalysts
ChemPhysChem,14 (5), 885-892,2013 [PDF download]
7 Z. P. Chen, C. Xu, C. Q. Ma, W. C. Ren*, H. M. Cheng
  Lightweight and flexible graphene foam composites for high-performance electromagnetic interference shielding
Advanced Materials,25 (9), 1296-1300,2013 [PDF download]
8 Z. Weng, F. Li*, D. W. Wang, L. Wen, H. M. Cheng*
  Controlled electrochemical charge injection to maximize the energy density of graphene or carbon nanotube supercapacitors
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition,52 (13), 3722-3725,2013 [PDF download]
9 E. Singh, Z. P. Chen, F. Houshmand, W. C. Ren, Y. Peles, H. M. Cheng*, N. Koratkar*
  Superhydrophobic graphene foams
Small,9 (1), 75-80,2013 [PDF download]
10 G. M. Zhou, D. W. Wang, L. Li, N. Li, F. Li*, H. M. Cheng
  Nanosize SnO2 confined in the porous shells of carbon cages for kinetically efficient and long-term lithium storage
Nanoscale,5 (4), 1576-1582,2013 [PDF download]
11 L. L. Zhang, C. Liu*, B. L. Liu, W. J. Yu, P. X. Hou, H. M. Cheng
  Growth of tadpole-like carbon nanotubes from TiO2 nanoparticies
Carbon,55, 253-259,2013 [PDF download]
12 Y. Su, S. F. Pei, J. H. Du, W. B. Liu, C. Liu, H. M. Cheng*
  Patterning flexible single-walled carbon nanotube thin films by an ozone gas exposure method
Carbon,53, 4-10,2013 [PDF download]
13 D. W. Wang, C. H. Sun, G. M. Zhou, F. Li, L. Wen, B. C. Donose, G. Q. Lu, H. M. Cheng*, I. R. Gentle*
  The examination of graphene oxide for rechargeable lithium storage as a novel cathode material
Journal of Materials Chemistry A,1 (11), 3607-3612,2013 [PDF download]
14 Z. B. Yu, Y. P. Xie, G. Liu*, G. Q. Lu, X. L. Ma, H. M. Cheng
  Self-assembled CdS/Au/ZnO heterostructure induced by surface polar charges for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Journal of Materials Chemistry A,1 (8), 2773-2776,2013 [PDF download]
15 N. Li, K. Du, G. Liu, Y. P. Xie, G. M. Zhou, J. Zhu, F. Li*, H. M. Cheng
  Effects of oxygen vacancies on the electrochemical performance of tin oxide
Journal of Materials Chemistry A,1 (5), 1536-1539,2013 [PDF download]
16 W. Jiao, N. Li, L. Z. Wang, L. Wen, F. Li, G. Liu*, H. M. Cheng
  High-rate lithium storage of anatase TiO2 crystals doped with both nitrogen and sulfur
Chemical Communications,49 (33), 3461-3463,2013 [PDF download]
17 C. Zhen, L. Z. Wang, G. Liu*, G. Q. Lu, H. M. Cheng
  Template-free synthesis of Ta3N5 nanorod arrays for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Chemical Communications,49 (29), 3019-3021,2013 [PDF download]
18 P. Niu, L. L. Zhang, G. Liu*, H. M. Cheng
  Graphene-like carbon nitride nanosheets for improved photocatalytic activities
Advanced Functional Materials,22 (22), 4763-4770,2012 [PDF download]
19 G. Liu, L. C. Yin, J. Q. Wang, P. Niu, C. Zhen, Y. P. Xie, H. M. Cheng*
  A red anatase TiO2 photocatalyst for solar energy conversion
Energy & Environmental Science,5 (11), 9603-9610,2012 [PDF download]
20 N. Li, Z. P. Chen, W. C. Ren, F. Li, H. M. Cheng*
  Flexible graphene-based lithium ion batteries with ultrafast charge and discharge rates
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,109 (43), 17360-17365,2012 [PDF download]
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