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21 S. Chen, Z. B. Zhang, L. P. Ma, P. Ahlberg, X. D. Gao, Z. J. Qiu, D. P. Wu, W. C. Ren, H. M. Cheng, S. L. Zhang*
  A graphene field-effect capacitor sensor in electrolyte
Applied Physics Letters,101 (15), 154106,2012 [PDF download]
22 L. Wen, G. Liu, G. Y. Liu, G. Q. Liu, F. Li*, H. M. Cheng
  Oxygen deficient Li4Ti5O12 for high-rate lithium storage
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society ,59 (10), 1201-1205,2012 [PDF download]
23 G. M. Zhou, D. W. Wang, F. Li*, P. X. Hou, L. C. Yin, C. Liu, G. Q. Lu, I. R. Gentle, H. M. Cheng*
  A flexible nanostructured sulphur-carbon nanotube cathode with high rate performance for Li-S batteries
Energy & Environmental Science,5 (10), 8901-8906,2012 [PDF download]
24 M. Li, W. B. Wu, W. C. Ren, H. M. Cheng, N. J. Tang*, W. Zhong, Y. W. Du
  Synthesis and upconversion luminescence of N-doped graphene quantum dots
Applied Physics Letters,101 (10), 103107,2012 [PDF download]
25 W. Jiao, L. Z. Wang, G. Liu*, G. Q. Lu, H. M. Cheng
  Hollow anatase TiO2 single crystals and mesocrystals with dominant {101} facets for improved photocatalysis activity and tuned reaction preference
ACS Catalysis,2 (9), 1854-1859,2012 [PDF download]
26 G. Liu, J. Pan, L. C. Yin, J. T. S. Irvine, F. Li, J. Tan, P. Wormald, H. M. Cheng*
  Heteroatom-modulated switching of photocatalytic hydrogen and oxygen evolution preferences of anatase TiO2 microspheres
Advanced Functional Materials,22 (15), 3233-3238,2012 [PDF download]
27 L. P. Ma*, W. C. Ren*, Z. L. Dong, L. Q. Liu, H. M. Cheng
  Progress of graphene growth on copper by chemical vapor deposition: Growth behavior and controlled synthesis
Chinese Science Bulletin,57 (23), 2995-2999,2012 [PDF download]
28 S. S. Li, P. X. Hou, C. Liu*, L. B. Gao, B. L. Liu, L. L. Zhang, M. Song, H. M. Cheng
  Wall-number selective growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes from FePt catalysts: a comparative study with Fe catalysts
Journal of Materials Chemistry,22 (28), 14149-14154,2012 [PDF download]
29 P. X. Hou, W. J. Yu, C. Shi, L. L. Zhang, C. Liu*, X. J. Tian, Z. L. Dong, H. M. Cheng
  Template synthesis of ultra-thin and short carbon nanotubes with two open ends
Journal of Materials Chemistry,22 (30), 15221-15226,2012 [PDF download]
30 J. P. Zhao, W. C. Ren*, H. M. Cheng
  Graphene sponge for efficient and repeatable adsorption and desorption of water contaminations
Journal of Materials Chemistry,22 (38), 20197-20202,2012 [PDF download]
31 D. M. Tang, C. L. Ren, M. S. Wang, X. L. Wei, N. Kawamoto, C. Liu*, Y. Bando, M. Mitome, N. Fukata, D. Golberg*
  Mechanical properties of Si nanowires as revealed by in situ transmission electron microscopy and molecular dynamics simulations
Nano Letters,12 (4), 1898-1904,2012 [PDF download]
32 W. J. Yu, P. X. Hou, F. Li, C. Liu*
  Improved electrochemical performance of Fe2O3 nanoparticles confined in carbon nanotubes
Journal of Materials Chemistry,22 (27), 13756-13763,2012 [PDF download]
33 X. K. Cai, H. T. Cong*, C. Liu
  Synthesis of vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes without a catalyst by hydrogen arc discharge
Carbon,50 (8), 2726-2730,2012 [PDF download]
34 Z. S. Wu, L. L. Xue, W. C. Ren*, F. Li, L. Wen, H. M. Cheng*
  A LiF nanoparticle-modified graphene electrode for high-power and high-energy lithium ion batteries
Advanced Functional Materials,22 (15), 3290-3297,2012 [PDF download]
35 G. M. Zhou, D. W. Wang, P. X. Hou, W. S. Li, N. Li, C. Liu, F. Li*, H. M. Cheng
  A nanosized Fe2O3 decorated single-walled carbon nanotube membrane as a high-performance flexible anode for lithium ion batteries
Journal of Materials Chemistry,22 (34), 17942-17946,2012 [PDF download]
36 S. F. Pei, H. M. Cheng*
  The reduction of graphene oxide
Carbon,50 (9), 3210-3228,2012 [PDF download]
37 C. Zhen, G. Liu*, H. M. Cheng
  A film of rutile TiO2 pillars with well-developed facets on an -Ti substrate as a photoelectrode for improved water splitting
Nanoscale,4 (13), 3871-3874,2012 [PDF download]
38 G. M. Zhou, D. W. Wang, X. Y. Shan, N. Li, F. Li*, H. M. Cheng
  Hollow carbon cage with nanocapsules of graphitic shell/nickel core as an anode material for high rate lithium ion batteries
Journal of Materials Chemistry,22 (22), 11252-11256,2012 [PDF download]
39 G. Liu, P. Niu, L. C. Yin, H. M. Cheng*
  -sulfur crystals as a visible-light-active photocatalyst
Journal of the American Chemical Society,134 (22), 9070-9073,2012 [PDF download]
40 M. Li, N. J. Tang*, W. C. Ren, H. M. Cheng, W. B. Wu, W. Zhong, Y. W. Du
  Quenching of fluorescence of reduced graphene oxide by nitrogen-doping
Applied Physics Letters,100 (23), 233112,2012 [PDF download]
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