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1 [2012-08-09]:(Shigeo Maruyama) Growth Mechanism and CVD Growth Control of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
2 [2012-07-05]:(Prof. Mo Song) Fabrication and Applications of Graphene in Loughborough University
3 [2012-06-29]:(Dr. Zhongfang Chen) Computational Explorations of Carbon Graphene and its Inorganic Cousins
4 [2012-05-14]:(Prof. Siegmar Roth) Transparent Conducting Films from Nanocarbonic Materials
5 [2012-04-16]:(Xuesong Li, Ph.D.) CVD Graphene and Its Applications
6 [2012-04-10]:(Prof. JIA Yu) Quantum Size Effect and Electronic Growth in Ultra Thin Films
7 [2012-04-10]:(Prof. GUO Zhengxiao) Designing Nanostructures for Clean Energy
8 [2012-01-12]:(Dr. Yutao Xing1) Superconductor to insulator transition in Co-cluster/Bi bilayers
9 [2011-11-02]:(Dr. Mkhulu Mathe) Fuel Cells and Energy Storage Research
10 [2011-11-02]:(Prof. R. Saito) Raman Spectroscopy of Graphene
11 [2011-10-31]:(Prof. Craig M. Jensen) Development of Processes for the Reversible Dehydrogenation of High Capacity Hydrogen Storage Materials
12 [2011-10-26]:(Dr. TAKAI Kazuyuki) Interface effect on the electronic properties of Graphene
13 [2011-09-19]:(Prof. Shili Zhang) Part II - Biosensing using transistors with nanowires/nanoribbons
14 [2011-09-19]:(Prof. Shili Zhang ) Part I - Uppsala University and Research at Division of Solid-State Electronics
15 [2011-09-13]:(Prof. Rod Ruoff) Graphene-based and Graphene-derived Materials
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