Vol.20   No.4 Dec. 2005
Research articles
The microwave absorbing properties of carbon microcoils SHEN Zeng-min GE Min ZHAO Dong-lin  289 
Toluene adsorption on various activated carbons with different pore structures  SONG Yan QIAO Wen-ming Seong-Ho Yoon Isao Mochida  294 
Activated carbon supercapacitor electrodes prepared by a casting method  ZENG Yu-qun LI Bao-hua ZHOU Peng-wei KANG Fei-yu CHEN Li-quan  299 
The adsorption of organic vapours on carbon aerogels and their precursor organic aerogels WU Ding-cai LIU Xiao-fang FU Ruo-wen  305 
Surface ultrastructure of polyacrylonitrile-based preoxidized fibers characterized by scanning tunneling microscopy  XU Hai-ping SUN Yan-ping CHEN Xin-mou  312 
Effect of lowlevel oxidation on microstructure and sample volume of 2D carbon/carbon composites LI Long ZENG Xie-rong LI He-jun ZOU Ji-zhao TANG Han-ling WANG Ming-fu  317 
Effects of the amounts of Fe catalyst on stacking faults and morphologies of β-SiC   WU Xiang-yang JIN Guo-qiang GUO Xiang-yun  324 
Grafting of hydrophilic polymer on carbon black under ultrasonic irradiation  ZHAO Jian-yi WANG Cheng-yang LI Tong-qi   329 
Preparation of high porosity carbon electrodes from raw needle coke and their characterization for EDLCs  LI Qiang LI Kai-xi WANG Fu-rong SUN Guo-hua  335 
Relationships between thermal stress and the thermo-chemical reaction of PAN fibers during thermal stabilization  LIU Jie WANG Lei ZHANG Wang-xi LI Jia LIANG Jie-ying 343 
Effects of gas composition on the synthesis of boron-doped carbon nanotubes  WANG Zhi BA De-chun LIN Zeng CAO Pei-jiang LIU Fei LIANG Ji   350 
Preparation and characterization of carbon nanoribbons produced by the catalytic chemical vapor deposition of acetylene ZHENG Rui-ting CHENG Guo-an ZHAO Yong LIU Hua-ping LIANG Chang-lin 355
Preparation of polyaniline-intercalated graphite oxide composite and ITS application in detecting DNA ZOU Yan-hong WU Jing LIU Hong-bo CHEN Zong-zhang 360
The pore structure of a glass-like carbon as revealed by transmission electron microscopy  Tse-Hao Ko Hsien-Lin Hu Jyh-Ming Ting Ying-Huang Chang  365 
Factors that affect the dynamic adsorption of xenon on activated carbon fibers   CHEN Zhan-ying WANG Xu-hui WANG Ya-long ZHANG Hai-tao 369 
Progress on the oxidation protective coating of carbon-carbon composites HUANG Jian-feng LI He-Jun XIONG Xin-bo ZENG Xie-rong LI Ke-zhi FU Ye-wei HUANG Min  373 

Knowledge introduction

Nanogate carbon and Nanogate capacitor  ZHU Chun-ye CAO Gao-ping   380 

Research profile

Professor Isao Mochida and his research activities  SONG Yan QIAO Wen-ming Seong-Ho Yoon  382 
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