Vol.24   No.2 Jun. 2009
Research articles
Field emission studies of amorphous carbon deposited on copper nanowires grown by cathodic arc plasma deposition* Bohr-Ran Huang  Chun-Shin Yeh  Dau-Chung Wang  J.T.Tan  J. Sung (97) 
Formation of an icosahedral diamond crystal and its computer simulation  YU Zhi-ming  WEI Qiu-ping  YE Jun  A. Flodrstr0m   (102) 
Fabrication of carbon nanofibres and bamboo-shaped carbon nanotubes with open ends from anthracite coal by arc discharge  ZHAO Xue-fei QIU Jie-shan SUN Ye-xin HAO Ce SUN Tian-jun CUI Ling-wei  (109) 
Preparation of paraffin/expanded graphite phase change composites for thermal storage  ZHAO Jian-guo GUO Quan-gui Gao Xiao-qing WEI Xing-hai SHI Jing-li YAO Li-zhong LIU Lang  (114) 
Synthesis of high purity multi walled carbon nanotubes over Co-Mo/ MgO catalyst by the catalytic chemical vapor deposition of methane* Wei-Ming Yeoh Kim-Yang Lee Siang-Piao Chai Keat-Teong Lee Abdul Rahman Mohamed  (119) 
In situ growth of a carbon nanofiber/Si composite and its application in Li ion storage*  LIU Hong-peng QIAO Wen-ming ZHAN Liang LING Li-cheng   (124) 
Adsorption and degradation of toluene over TiO2 supported on bamboo charcoal ZHOU Jian-bin DENG Cong-jing  FU Jin-he ZHANG Qi-sheng   (131) 
Microwave assisted chemical vapor infiltration to prepare carbon/carbon composites   ZOU Ji-zhao ZENG Xie-rong XIONG Xin-bo (136) 
Regulation of pore size distribution in coal-based activated carbon*   GONG Guo-zhuo XIE Qiang ZHENG Yan-feng YE Shu-feng CHEN Yun-fa (141) 
In situ synthesis of graphene oxide and its composites with iron oxide*   V. K. Singh M. K. Patra M. Manoth G. S. Gowd S. R. Vadera N. Kumar WEN Yue-fang (147) 
A comparison of crystallite and pore structures in different polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers GUO Jian-qiang GAO Zhong-min LI Xiang-shan CAO Xia YANG Yong-gang LIU Lang (153) 
Synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic analysis of CNT/TiO2 composites derived from MWCNTs and titanium sources* CHEN Ming-liang ZHANG Feng-Jun Won-Chun Oh (159)
In-situ synthesis of Fe-filled carbon nanotubes by a floating CVD method with FeCl3 as catalyst precursor ZHU Wei ZHAO Zong Bin QIU Jie-Shan (167)
The influence of high temperature exposure to air on the damage to 3D C/SiC composites* HOU Jun-tao QIAO Sheng-ru ZHANG Cheng-yu ZHANG Yue-bing (173)
Preparation of carbon membranes from poly(urethane imide) and poly-imide copolymers LI Zhen LIU Jin ZHENG Kou-song (178)
Preparation of a SWCNTDNA modified electrode and its electrochemical detection property XIANG Dong-ya SU Zhen ZHAO Zhuo YANG Liu-quan YANG Quan-hong (183) 
New mesoporous carbons prepared from pitch by simultaneous templating and carbonization*   WANG Yan-su WANG Cheng-yang CHEN Ming-ming (187) 
Brief report
Introduction to the 15th international symposium on intercalation compounds ZOU Lin LU Rui-tao KANG Fei-yu (191)