Vol.26   No.4 Aug. 2011
Brief report
Developing carbon materials targeted for applications A summary on the annual world conference on carbon, Carbon2011 LI Feng LONG Dong-hui (241)
Carbon for energy storage and conversion KANG Fei-yu HE Yan-bing LI Bao-hua DU Hong-da (246)
Research articles
Preparation of iron oxide nanoparticles supported on magnesium oxide for producing high-quality single-walled carbon nanotubes Wei-Wen Liu Azizan Aziz Siang-Piao Chai Abdul Rahman Mohamed Ching-Thian Tye (255)
Electrocatalytic oxygen-reduction reaction on a carbon nanofiber/carbon paper composite ZHENG Jun-sheng WANG Xi-zhao FU Rong LI Ping YANG Dai-jun LU Hong MA Jian-xin (262)
Preparation of a plate-like C/C composite membrane for gas separation WANG Tong-hua ZHENG Qing-chun LI Lin CHEN An-liang CAO Yue (271)
Effect of interface properties on the mechanical performance of carbon fiber/Mg composites fabricated by powder metallurgy REN Fu-zhong GAO Jia-cheng LI Wei ZHANG Min TAN Zun (278)
Effect of graphitization parameters on the residual stress in 4D carbon fiber/carbon composites SHI Hong-bin TANG Min GAO Bo SU Jun-ming (287)
Synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbons by non-aqueous solvent evaporation method LI Tie-hu WANG Xiao-xian JI Yong-bin JIN Wei LIN Qi-lang (293)
Adsorptive removal of phosphate from aqueous solutions using activated carbon loaded with Fe(III) oxide SHI Zhong-liang LIU Fu-mei YAO Shu-hua (299)

The electrochemical performance of a multi-wall carbon nanotube/activated carbon mixture as the electrode of electric double layer capacitors analyzed by electrochemical impedance

GENG Xin LI Feng WANG Da-wei CHENG Hui-ming (307)
Effect of microwave-treatment time on the properties of activated carbons for electrochemical capacitors HE Xiao-jun WANG Ting QIU Jie-shan ZHANG Xiao-yong WANG Xiao-ting ZHENG Ming-dong (313)
Expert  Introduction
Professor Wanci Shen and his research activity in carbon materials KANG Fei-yu (320)
Cover photograph: Ni-coated short carbon fibers reinforcement (See Paper by REN Fu-zhong et al., p.279, Fig.1a)  
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