Vol.26   No.5 Oct. 2011
Research progress in nanofiltration membrane based on carbon nanotubes ZHAO Bin ZHANG Lei  WANG Xian-ying YANG Jun-he TANG Zhi-hong YANG Guang-zhi QIU Han-xun HE Xing (321)
Research articles
Effect of high temperature treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of binary layer textured 2D C/C composites LI Wei LI He-jun ZHANG Shou-yang WEI Jian-feng WANG Jie LI Zhao-qian (328)
Nickel/Carbon composite materials based on expanded graphite I.M. Afanasov O.I. Lebedev B.A. Kolozhvary A.V. Smirnov G. Van Tendeloo (335)
Synthesis of carbon nanofiber/carbon-foam composite for catalyst support in gas-phase catalytic reactions BAO Ying ZHAN Liang WANG Chun-xiao  WANG Yan-li YANG Guang-zhi YANG Jun-he QIAO Wen-ming LING Li-cheng (341)
Preparation and characterization of a composite of gold nanoparticles and single-walled carbon nanotubes and its potential for heterogeneous catalysis Anne E. Shanahan James A. Sullivan Mary McNamara Hugh J. Byrne (347)
Synthesis of carbon microfibers by chemical vapor deposition during the catalytic decomposition of turpentine oil Kanchan Saxena Pramod Kumar V. K. Jain (356)
Preparation of a carbon nanotube/carbon fiber hybrid and its wettability with epoxy AN Feng LU Chun-xiang GUO Jin-hai HE Shu-qing LU Hui-bin YANG Yu (361)
Preparation and properties of MWCNT/Lyocell carbon fibers LU Jiang YANG Ge-sheng SHAO Hui-li HU Xue-chao (368)
Effect of biological template consolidation on the microstructure and properties of SnO2/C bio-morphic materials HE Xin-hai QI Le-hua WANG Jun-bo YANG Min-ge SHEN Ming-qian CHANG Wei (375)
Simulation of chemical vapor infiltration of propylene into C/C composites LIU Yu-tai BAI Rui-cheng LI Hong ZHANG Jia-bao REN Mu-su SUN Jin-liang (381)
Preparation of hollow carbon spheres by carbonization of polystyrene/polyaniline core-shell polymer particles DAI Xiao-ying ZHANG Xin MENG Yi-fei SHEN Pei-kang (389)
Preparation of activated carbons from lignin by NaOH activation and processing optimization JIANG Li MA Fei LIANG Guo-bing LI Ting (396)
Cover photograph: SEM images of fractured surface of the 2D C/C composites (See Paper by LI Wei et al., p.331, Fig.3(d))  
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