Vol.26   No.6 Dec. 2011
Research articles
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes on silicon nanowires by thermal chemical vapor deposition Shih-Fong Lee Yung-Ping Chang Li-Ying Lee (401)
Dependence of mechanical characteristics and the fracture and buckling behavior of single-walled carbon nanotubes on their geometry K. Talukdar R. Agrawala A. K. Mitra (408)
Preparation of nano Au/C catalysts and their performance as a direct borohydride fuel cell electrode YANG Zi-qin ZHAO Peng-cheng XIE Zi-li (417)
The mechanism of expansion during the baking of a hot-pressed graphite green body ZHANG Can LU Gui-min YU Jian-guo (422)
The influence of a magnetic field during carbonization on the microstructure and electrical conductivity of needle cokes SUN Quan WANG Bao-cheng  ZHANG Huai-ping LI Xiang-lan BAI Ying-bin (429)
Formation of SiC nano-micro rods from silica-sol infiltrated bamboo charcoal through carbothermal reduction LIU Dong YU Yan ZHANG Qiu-hui TIAN Gen-lin CHENG Hai-tao (435)
Effect of oxidation time on the complex permittivity of hollow, porous carbon fibers XIE Wei CHEN Zhao-hui CHENG Hai-feng CHU Zeng-yong KUANG Jia-cai (441)
Synthesis and electrochemical performance of Si/natural graphite/pitch carbon composites as the anode of a lithium ion battery LI Ming-qi XIANG Wei-min REN Zhao-gang WANG Jing (446)
Electrochemical behavior of a carbonaceous mesophase sphere/activated carbon composite YANG Juan ZHOU Xiang-yang LOU Shi-ju (453)
Degradation of methyl orange in artificial wastewater through electrochemical oxidation using exfoliated graphite electrode KONG Yong WANG Zhi-liang WANG Yu YUAN Jia CHEN Zhi-dong (459)
Preparation of highly-expandable graphite using waste liquid propellants of nitric-27S as one of intercalating agents CHEN Ya-ping LUO Rui-ying LI Shu-yan ZHANG Jian LI Hui WANG Xuan-jun ZHANG Jiang-song (465)
The role of surface oxygen-containing functional groups in liquid-phase adsorptive denitrogenation by activated carbon LI Na Masoud Almarri MA Xiao-liang ZHA Qing-fang (470)
Brief report
A brief overview of the Tenth National Symposium on New Carbon Materials SONG Yan LI Bao-hua  CHEN Yu-qin (479)
Cover photograph: High resolution SEM imagesof SiC nano-micro rods (See Paper by LIU Dong et al., pape 436, Fig.3b)  
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