Vol.27   No.1 Feb. 2012
A review of methods for the separation of metallic- and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes QIU Han-xun ZHENG Yi-xin YANG Jun-he (1)
Research articles
Improvement of the oxidation stability and the mechanical properties of flexible graphite foil by
boron oxide impregnation
D.V. Savchenko A.A.Serdan V.A.Morozov G.Van Tendeloo S.G.Ionov (12)
Chemical modification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by polyethylene-grafted maleic anhydride WANG Guo-jian JIN Ji-qiong (19)
Thermophysical properties of high-density graphite foams and their paraffin composites SONG Jin-liang GUO Quan-gui ZHONG Ya-juan GAO Xiao-qing FENG Zhi-hai FAN Zhen SHI Jing-li LIU Lang (27)
Synthesis of Ni/graphene sheets by an electroless Ni-plating method HU Qing-hua WANG Xi-tang CHEN Hao WANG Zhou-fu (35)
Influence of infiltration pressure on the densification rate and microstructure of pyrocarbon during chemical vapor infiltration ZHANG Yun-feng LUO Rui-ying (42)
Effect of cycle time of in-situ polymerization of naphthalene on the densification and performance of C/C composites SUN Chao ZHANG Bo YANG Xiao-guang XU Zheng-hui SONG Huai-he HUA Shuang-ping CHEN Xiao-hong (49)
Preparation of high surface area, graphitic porous carbon monolith using magnetite nanoparticles as catalyst and porogens WANG Guang-hui LI Wen-cui (55)
Preparation of carbon molecular sieve membranes by KOH activation for gas separation ZHANG Xiao-yong LIU Rui HU Hao-quan ZHENG Ming-dong (61)
Irradiation treatment of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and its effect on the thermal properties of their composites with epoxy resin CHEN Ya-jun YANG Chun-zhuang GUO Zheng-hong ZHANG Yan CHENG Jie FANG Zheng-ping (67)

Performance of unidirectional carbon fibre cloth/carbon composite laminates fabricated by hot-pressing

HUANG Xiang-dong PAN Zu-jin HUANG Jun-wei LI Qiang (74)
Cover photograph: High-magnification SEM images of the GF without additions (See Paper by SONG Jin-liang et al., P.29, Fig.2a)
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