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2001 Papers in the Conference

1、 H.M. Cheng,"Synthesis and properides of singel-walled carbon nanotubes",Daejeon, Korea,Sept. 19-23, 2001
2、 C. Liu, H.M. Cheng,"Synthesis, characterization and hydrogen storage of single-walled carbon nanotubes",Shenyang, China,May 23-26, 2001
3、 C. Liu, Y. Tong, F. Li, H.M. Cheng,"Synthesis and field emission property of macroscopic long singl-walled carbon nanotube ropes",Tsukuba, Japan,Oct. 3-5, 2001
4、 P.X. Hou, S. Bai, C. Liu, F. Li, H.M. Cheng,"Twinborn of carbon nanotubes",Tsukuba, Japan ,Oct. 3-5, 2001
5、 H.M. Cheng,"Progress of hydrogen storage in carbon nanotubes",Canberra, Australia,Apr. 28-31, 2001
6、 J.H. Du, S. Bai, W.C. Ren, Y. Zhang, C. Sun, H.M. Cheng,"Electromagnetic characteristics of VGCNFs at a frequency of 12.4GHz~18GHz",Lexington, USA,Jul. 14-19, 2001
7、 J.H. Du, Z. Ying, S. Bai, C. Sun, H.M. Cheng,"Microwave absorption characteristics of vapor grown carbon nanofibers",Shenzhen, China,Jul. 31-Aug. 2, 2001
8、 C. Liu, P.X. Hou, H.T. Cong, H.M. Cheng,"Hydrogen storage in carbon nanotubes",Lexington, USA,Jul. 14-19, 2001
9、 Q.H. Yang, P.X. Hou, H.M. Cheng,"Adsorption and capillarity of nitrogen in inside channel of carbon nanotubes",San Diego, CA,Apr. 1-5, 2001
10、 G.P. Dai, M. Liu, D.M. Chen, H.M. Cheng,"Electrochemical hydrogen storage in carbon nanotubes",Beijing, China,Jul. 2-5, 2001
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