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2002 Papers in the Conference

1、 F. Li, H. M. Cheng, C. Liu,"Macroscopic ropes of aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes - synthesis, characterization and mechanical property",Washington, USA,Aug. 12-13, 2002
2、 S. Bai, Y.S. Wang, F. Li, Q.H. Yang, H.M. Cheng, J.B. Bai,"Influence of ferrocene/benzene mole ratio on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers",Beijing, China,Sep. 15-19, 2002
3、 H.M. Cheng, F. Li, C. Liu, Y. Tong, Z.G. Zhao,"Synthesis, microstructure and properties of aligned long carbon nanotube ropes",Beijing, China,Sep. 15-19, 2002
4、 W.C. Ren, F. Li, J. Chen, S. Bai, H.M. Cheng,"Herringbone-type carbon nanotubes synthesized by catalytic decomposition of methane",Beijing, China,Sep. 15-19, 2002
5、 H.T. Fang, C.G. Liu, M. Liu, C. Liu, F. Li, H.M. Cheng,"Comparison of electrochemical charge/discharge behavior of the as prepared single-walled carbon nanotubes and nano-Ni powder",Beijing, China,Sep. 15-19, 2002
6、 C.G. Liu, H.T. Fang, F. Li, M. Liu, M.Z. Wang, H.M.Cheng,"Effect of pore structure of carbon nanotubes on electrochemical?capacitance",Beijing, China,Sep. 15-19, 2002
7、 W.C. Ren, F. Li, J. Chen, S. Bai, H.M. Cheng,"Double-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by catalytic decomposition of methane",Boston, USA,Jul. 6-11, 2002
8、 Z. Ying, J.H. Du, S. Bai, F. Li, H.M. Cheng,"Mechanical properties of carbon nanotube/epoxy composite",Tokyo, Japan,Nov. 27-29, 2002
9、 J.H. Du, Z. Ying, F. Li, S. Bai, C. Sun, H.M. Cheng,"Texture?and?resistivity?of?carbon?nanotube?and?nanofiber/epoxy?nanocomposites",Tokyo, Japan,Nov. 27-29, 2002
10、 C.G. Liu, F. Li, H.T. Fang, M. Liu, M.Z. Wang, H.M. Cheng,"Carbon nanotubes used in electrochemical capacitors",Philadelphia, USA,May, 2002
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