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2005 Papers in the Conference

1、 Y. Chen, P. Wang, H.M. Cheng,"Dehydriding kinetics of Mg(NH2)2/LiH enhanced by single-walled carbon nanotubes",South Korea,Jun. 29-Jul. 1, 2005
2、 Hui-Ming Cheng,"Synthesis and field emission of one-dimensional AlN nanostructure",Maroochydore, Australia,Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2005
3、 C. Liu,"Controlled synthesis of carbon nanotubes and their properties",Tsukuba, Japan,Apr. 18-20, 2005
4、 Hui-Ming Cheng,"Development of Mg-SWNT system for hydrogen storage",Pisa, Italy,Jun. 19-22, 2005
5、 C. Liu, D. Golberg, Y. Bando, H.M. Cheng,"Tensile strength and electrical conductivity of macroscopic long single-walled carbon nanotube strands",Tsukuba, Japan,May 11-14, 2005
6、 H.T. Fang, M. Liu, C.G. Liu, C. Liu, L.X. Li, F. Li, H.M. Cheng,"Key factors affecting electrochemical hydrogen storage capacity of single-wall carbon nanotubes",Gyeongju, Korea,Jul. 3-7, 2005
7、 H. Zhang, H.X. Li, H.M. Cheng,"Preparation and characterization of water-soluble multi-walled carbon nanotubes",Gyeongju, Korea,Jul. 3-7, 2005
8、 F.Y. Wu, H.M. Cheng,"The structure and thermal expansion of multi-walled carbon nanotubes before and after high temperature treatment",Gyeongju, Korea,Jul. 3-7, 2005
9、 Y. Chen, G.G. Liu, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng,"Preparation and capacitance of multi-walled carbon nanotubes doping with single-crystal α-MnO2 nanorods",Gyeongju, Korea,Jul. 3-7, 2005
10、 G.Q. Lu, Z.H. Zhu, X.D. Yao, H.M. Cheng,"Metal-carbon interactions in adsorption and catalysis",Gyeongju, Korea,Jul. 3-7, 2005
11、 H.M. Cheng,"Hydrogen storage in carbon nanotubes and their composites",Gyeongju, Korea,Jul. 3, 2005
12、 C.H. Sun, F. Li, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng,"Molecular dynamics study of supershort single-walled carbon nanotubes",Osaka, Japan,Aug. 28-31, 2005
13、 F. Li, Z.G. Chen, C. Liu, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng,"Short isolated single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by arc discharge process",Gothenburg, Sweden,Jun. 26-Jul. 1, 2005
14、 H.M. Cheng, W.C. Ren,"Shell control and growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes by a sulfur-enhanced floating catalyst method",Boerne, Texas, USA,Apr. 8-12, 2005
15、 C.H. SunF. Li, H.M. Cheng,"Self-similar array model of single-walled carbon nanotubes and its applications",Seoul, Korea,Aug. 24-26, 2005
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