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2007 Papers in the Conference

1、 刘畅,"Design, preparation, and energy storage property of some nanomaterials",Beijing, China,20070808-20070810
2、 任文才,"A simple method for synthesis of carbon nanotubes decorated with size- controllable Fe nanoparticles",Utah, USA,20070418-20070421
3、 任文才,"Growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes produced by floating catalyst method",Texas, USA,20070415-20070419
4、 张宏立,"A revisit on polyvinyl chloride-coated natural graphite as anode material for lithium ion batteries",Krakow, Poland,20070902-20070906
5、 闻雷,"Irreversible capacity loss of LiFePO4 cathode materials caused by interactions between electrode and electrolyte",Shenzhen, China,20071116-20071120
6、 王平,"Study on H-storage materials in IMR",London, UK,20070816-20070817
7、 王平,"Coupled experimental/theoretical studies on TiF3-doped NaAlH4: Functional F anion",Beijing, China,20070514-20070515
8、 王大伟,"Nano/micro composite-carbon nanofibers enwrapping activated carbon for electrochemical capacitors",Krakow, Poland,20070902-20070906
9、 汤代明,"Field emission properties of 1-D boron nitride nanostructures",Beijing, China,20070604-20070606
10、 任文才,"Raman spectroscopy on double-walled carbon nanotubes",Hong Kong, China,20070108-20070112
11、 刘庆丰,"Selective synthesis of magnetically functionalized carbon nanostructures by direct pyrolysis of ferrocene",Yanji, China,20070527-20070530
12、 刘畅,"Synthesis, structure and field emission properties of 1-D boron nitride nanostructures",Yanji, China,20070527-20070530
13、 刘畅,"Direct synthesis of nanocables of single-walled carbon nanotubes sheathed with amorphous SiO2",Seattle, USA,20070715-20070720
14、 李峰,"Interface design of carbon nano-materials for energy storage",Hong Kong, China,20070108-20070112
15、 李峰,"Preparation of homogeneously dispersed multi-walled carbon nanotube/sulfonated polyaniline composites and their electrical properties ",Ouro Plato, Brazil,20070624-20070629
16、 杜金红,"PTC effect and thermal properties of Cnt/HDPE composites prepared by melt-blending",Hainan, China,20070715-20070721
17、 丛洪涛,"Mechanical properties and thermal expansion of a composite of AlN nanowires and nanocrystalline Al",Hong Kong, China,20070108-20070112
18、 成会明,"Carbon Nanotubes: A promising materials for nanodevices",Hong Kong, China,20070802-20070805
19、 成会明,"Floating catalyst CVD method for controllable synthesis of carbon nanotubes",Wuhan, China,20071115-20071119
20、 成会明,"Design and fabrication of nano/micro-structured materials for energy storage",Xiamen, China.,20071221-20071222
21、 成会明,"Controlled synthesis and properties of quasi-one-dimensional nitride nanostructures",Hong Kong, China,20070108-20070112
22、 成会明,"Synthesis and room-temperature hydrogen sensing properties of polycrystalline SnO2-coated muti-walled carbon nanotubes",Seattle, USA,20070715-20070720
23、 成会明,"Controlled synthesis, growth mechanism and raman spectroscopy of double-walled carbon nanotubes",Seattle, USA,20070715-20070720
24、 成会明,"Controlled synthesis of quasi-one dimensional boron nitride nanostructures",Ouro Plato, Brazil,20070624-20070629
25、 成会明,"Pore structure and interface design of carbon nanomaterials for energy storage",London, UK,20070816-20070817
26、 陈志刚,"Growth of magnetic yard-glass shaped boron nitride nanotubes with periodic iron nanoparticles",Yanji, China,20070527-20070530
27、 陈志刚,"Improved property of core/shell ZnS/BN nanowires",Beijing, China,20070903-20070905
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