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In 2000 Publication

1、 A. Jorio, G. Dresselhaus, M.S. Dresselhaus, M. Souza, M.S.S. Dantas, M.A. Pimenta, A.M. Rao, R. Saito, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Polarized Raman study of single-wall semiconducting carbon nanotubes
PHYS REV LETT,85 (12), 2617-2620,2000 [PDF文件下载]
2、 P.H. Tan, Y. Tang, C.Y. Hu, F. Li, Y.L. Wei, H.M. Cheng
  Identification of the conducting category of individual carbon nanotubes from Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman scattering
PHYS REV B,62 (8), 5186-5190,2000 [PDF文件下载]
3、 Y.Y. Fan, H.M. Cheng, Y. L. Wei, G. Su, Z.H. Shen
  Tailoring the diameters of vapor-grown carbon nanofibers
CARBON,38 (6), 921-927,2000 [PDF文件下载]
4、 Y.Y. Fan, H.M. Cheng, Y. L.Wei, Ge Su, Z.H. Shen
  The influence of preparation parameters on the mass production of vapor-grown carbon nanofibers
CARBON,38 (6), 789-795,2000 [PDF文件下载]
5、 F. Li, H.M. Cheng, Y.T. Xing, P.H. Tan, G. Su
  Purification of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by the catalytic decomposition of hydrocarbons
CARBON,38 (14), 2041-2045,2000 [PDF文件下载]
6、 F. Li, H.M. Cheng, S. Bai,?G. Su, M.S. Dresselhaus
  Tensile strength of single-walled carbon nanotubes directly measured from their macroscopic ropes
APPL PHYS LETT,77 (20), 3161-3163,2000 [PDF文件下载]
7、 C. Liu, H.M. Cheng, H.T. Cong, F. Li, G. Su, B.L. Zhou, M.S. Dresselhaus
  Synthesis of macroscopically long ropes of well-aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes
ADV MATER,12 (16), 1190-1192,2000 [PDF文件下载]
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