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In 2005 Publication

1、 W.C. Ren, F. Li, H. M. Cheng
  Polarized Raman analysis of aligned double-walled carbon nanotubes
PHYS REV B,71 (11), 115428,2005 [PDF文件下载]
2、 C. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Carbon nanotubes for clean energy applications
J PHYS D APPL PHYS,38 (14), R231-R252,2005 [PDF文件下载]
3、 F.Y. Wu, H. M. Cheng
  Structure and thermal expansion of multi-walled carbon nanotubes before and after high temperature treatment
J PHYS D APPL PHYS,38 (24), 4302-4307,2005 [PDF文件下载]
4、 W.C. Ren, H.M. Cheng
  Aligned double-walled carbon nanotube long ropes with a narrow diameter distribution
J PHYS CHEM B,109 (15), 7169-7173,2005 [PDF文件下载]
5、 C.Z. Wu, P. Wang, X.D. Yao, C. Liu, D.M. Chen, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Effects of SWNT and Metallic Catalyst on Hydrogen Absorption/Desorption Performance of MgH2
J PHYS CHEM B,109 (47), 22217-22221,2005 [PDF文件下载]
6、 H.L. Zhang, F. Li, C. Liu, J. Tan, H.M. Cheng
  New insight into the solid electrolyte interphase with use of a focused ion beam
J PHYS CHEM B,109 (47), 22205-22211,2005 [PDF文件下载]
7、 P. Wang, X.D. Kang, H.M. Cheng
  Exploration of the nature of active Ti species in metallic Ti-doped NaAlH4
J PHYS CHEM B,109 (43), 20131-20136,2005 [PDF文件下载]
8、 C.H. Sun, J. J. Finnerty, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Stability of supershort single-walled carbon nanotubes
J PHYS CHEM B,109 (25), 12406-12409,2005 [PDF文件下载]
9、 X. Tong, Y. Chen, H.M. Cheng
  Influence of carbon nanofiber addition on mechanical properties and crystallization behavior of polypropylene
J MATER SCI TECHNOL,21 (5), 686-690,2005 [PDF文件下载]
10、 X.D. Yao, C.Z. Wu, H.M. Cheng, G.Q. Lu
  Hydrogen storage of magnesium-based nanocomposites system
J MATER SCI TECHNOL,21(S1), 57-60,2005 [PDF文件下载]
11、 Y. Tong, C. Liu, Z.G. Zhao, H.M. Cheng
  Fabrication of low-voltage electron source from patterned arrays of aligned single-walled carbon nanotube ropes
JPN J APPL PHYS,44 (10), 7713-7716,2005 [PDF文件下载]
12、 J. Yang, Y.H. Lin, J.F. Wang, M.F. Lai, J. Li, J.J. Liu, X. Tong, H.M. Cheng
  Morphology, thermal stability, and dynamic mechanical properties of atactic polypropylene/carbon nanotube composites
J APPL POLYM SCI,98 (3), 1087-1091,2005 [PDF文件下载]
13、 P. Wang,?X.D.?Kang,?H.M. Cheng
  KH plus Ti co-doped NaAlH4 for high-capacity hydrogen storage
J APPL PHYS,98 (7), 074905,2005 [PDF文件下载]
14、 Z.G. Zhao, F. Li, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Light emission and degradation of single-walled carbon nanotube filament
J APPL PHYS,98 (4), 044306,2005 [PDF文件下载]
15、 Y. Chen, C. Liu, F. Li, H.M. Cheng
  Preparation of single-crystal α-MnO2 nanorods and nanoneedles from aqueous solution
J ALLOY COMPD,397 (1-2), 282-285,2005 [PDF文件下载]
16、 Y.M. Lin, J. Appenzeller, Z.H. Chen, Z.G Chen, H.M. Cheng
  High-performance dual-gate carbon nanotube FETs with 40-nm gate length
IEEE ELECTR DEVICE L,26 (11), 823-825,2005 [PDF文件下载]
17、 Y.B. Tang, H.T. Cong, Z.M. Wang, H.M. Cheng
  Synthesis of rectangular cross-section AlN nanofibers by chemical vapor deposition
CHEM PHYS LETT,416 (1-3), 171-175,2005 [PDF文件下载]
18、 C.H. Sun, L.C. Yin, F. Li, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Van der Waals interactions between two parallel infinitely long single-walled nanotubes
CHEM PHYS LETT,403 (4-6), 343-346,2005 [PDF文件下载]
19、 P.?Wang, X.D.?Kang, H.M. Cheng
  Improved hydrogen storage of TiF3-doped NaAlH4
CHEMPHYSCHEM,6 (12), 2488-2491,2005 [PDF文件下载]
20、 Z.G. Zhao, L.J. Ci, H.M. Cheng, J.B. Bai
  The growth of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with different morphologies on carbon fibers
CARBON,43 (3), 663-665,2005 [PDF文件下载]
21、 L.X. Li, F. Li, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Synthesis and characterization of double-walled carbon nanotubes from multi-walled carbon nanotubes by hydrogen-arc discharge
CARBON,43 (3), 623-629,2005 [PDF文件下载]
22、 Q.H. Yang, Y. Tong, C. Liu, F. Li, H.M. Cheng
  Some indications of the formation mechanism for double-walled carbon nanotubes by hydrogen-arc discharge
CARBON,43 (9), 2027-2030,2005 [PDF文件下载]
23、 Y. Chen, C. Liu, J.H. Du, H.M. Cheng
  Preparation of carbon microcoils by catalytic decomposition of acetylene using nickel foam as both catalyst and substrate
CARBON,43 (9), 1874-1878,2005 [PDF文件下载]
24、 C.H. Sun, F. Li, H.M. Cheng, G.Q. Lu
  Fractal effects on the measurement of the specific surface areas of single-walled carbon nanotubes
CARBON,43 (8), 1785-1787,2005 [PDF文件下载]
25、 C. H. Sun, F. Li, H. M. Cheng, , G. Q. Lu
  Packing-dependent pore structures in single-walled carbon nanotube arrays
APPL PHYS LETT,87(24), 243109 ,2005 [PDF文件下载]
26、 C. H. Sun, F. Li, H. M. Cheng, G.Q. Lu
  Axial Young’s modulus prediction of single-walled carbon nanotube arrays with diameters from nanometer to meter scales
APPL PHYS LETT,87(19), 193101,2005 [PDF文件下载]
27、 P. Wang, X.D. Kang, H.M. Cheng
  Direct formation of Na3AlH6 by mechanical milling NaH/Al with TiF3
APPL PHYS LETT,87 (7), 071911,2005 [PDF文件下载]
28、 Y. Tong, S.C. Lim, K.A. Park, H.J. Jeong, S.Y. Jeong, Y.H. Lee, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng, Y. Choi
  Controlling field-emission patterns of isolated single-walled carbon nanotube rope
APPL PHYS LETT,87 (4), 043114,2005 [PDF文件下载]
29、 Y.B. Tang, H.T. Cong, Z.G. Chen, H.M. Cheng
  An array of Eiffel-tower-shape AlN nanotips and its field emission properties
APPL PHYS LETT,86 (23), 233104,2005 [PDF文件下载]
30、 C. Liu, Y. Tong, D. Golberg, Y. B,o, H.M. Cheng
  Field emission properties of macroscopic single-walled carbon nanotube strands
APPL PHYS LETT,86 (22), 223114,2005 [PDF文件下载]
31、 C.H. Sun, F. Li, C.G. Liu, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  A self-similar array model of single-walled carbon nanotubes
APPL PHYS LETT,86 (20), 203106,2005 [PDF文件下载]
32、 Y.B. Tang, H.T. Cong, Z.G. Zhao, H.M. Cheng
  Field emission from AlN nanorod array
APPL PHYS LETT,86 (15), 153104,2005 [PDF文件下载]
33、 X.J. He, J.H. Du, Z. Ying, H.M. Cheng
  Positive temperature coefficient effect in multi walled carbon nanotube/high-density polyethylene composites
APPL PHYS LETT,86 (6), 062112,2005 [PDF文件下载]
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