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In 2006 Publication

1、 Z.G. Zhao, F.X. Geng, H.T. Cong, J.B. Bai, H.M. Cheng
  Low Temperature Synthesis of Fe-Doped Zno Nanorod Bundles in Aqueous Solution
NANO,1 (2), 153-157,2006 [PDF文件下载]
2、 Z.G. Zhao, F.X. Geng, H.T. Cong, J.B. Bai, H.M. Cheng
  Low Temperature Synthesis of Mg(OH)2 Nanotubes In Aqueous Solutions of Block Copolymer P123
NANO,1 (2), 185-189,2006 [PDF文件下载]
3、 J.B. Hou, X.W. Wang, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Development of photothermal-resistance technique and its application to thermal diffusivity measurement of single-wall carbon nanotube bundles
APPL PHYS LETT,88 (18), 181910,2006 [PDF文件下载]
4、 J.B. Hou, X.W. Wang, P. Vellelacheruvu, J.Q. Guo, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Thermal characterization of single-wall carbon nanotube bundles using the self-heating 3ω technique
J APPL PHYS,100 (12), 124314,2006 [PDF文件下载]
5、 J.H. Kim, Y.S. Lee, A.K. Sharma, C.G. Liu
  Polypyrrole/carbon composite electrode for high-power electrochemical capacitors
ELECTROCHIM ACTA,52 (4), 1727-1732,2006 [PDF文件下载]
6、 Shen ZQ, He LL, He JF, Cheng HM, Li DX
  Controlled growth of two-dimensional single-crystal hafnia networks by surface modulation
NANOTECHNOLOGY,17 (5), 1207-1211,2006 [PDF文件下载]
7、 X.D. Kang, P. Wang, H.M. Cheng
  Impact of preparation conditions on hydrogen storage performance of metallic Ti-doped NaAlH4
RARE METALS,25 (Spec.), 266-272,2006 [PDF文件下载]
8、 F.X. Geng, H.T. Cong
  Fe-filled carbon nanotube array with high coercivity
PHYSICA B,382 (1-2), 300-304,2006 [PDF文件下载]
9、 C.H. Sun, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Simple approach to estimating the van der Waals interaction between carbon nanotubes
PHYS REV B,73(19), 195414 ,2006 [PDF文件下载]
10、 W.C. Ren, F. Li, P.H. Tan, H.M. Cheng
  Raman evidence for atomic correlation between the two constituent tubes in double-walled carbon nanotubes
PHYS REV B,73 (11), 115430,2006 [PDF文件下载]
11、 Z.G. Zhao, F.X. Geng, H.T. Cong, J.B. Bai, H.M. Cheng
  A simple solution route to controlled synthesis of ZnS submicrospheres, nanosheets and nanorods
NANOTECHNOLOGY,17 (18), 4731-4735,2006 [PDF文件下载]
12、 Z.G. Chen, F. Li, W.C. Ren, H.T. Cong, C. Liu, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Double-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized using carbon black as the dot carbon source
NANOTECHNOLOGY,17 (13), 3100-3104,2006 [PDF文件下载]
13、 D.M. Tang, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Platelet boron nitride nanowires
NANO,1 (1), 65-71,2006 [PDF文件下载]
14、 B. Zhang, T.H. Wang, S.L. Liu, S.H. Zhang, J.S. Qiu, Z.G. Chen, H.M. Cheng
  Structure and morphology of microporous carbon membrane materials derived from poly (phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone)
MICROPOR MESOPOR MAT,96 (1-3), 79-83,2006 [PDF文件下载]
15、 F.X. Geng, Z.G. Zhao, H.T. Cong, J.X. Geng, H.M. Cheng
  An environment-friendly microemulsion approach to α-FeOOH nanorods at room temperature
MATER RES BULL,41 (12), 2238-2243,2006 [PDF文件下载]
16、 Q.H. Yang, S. Bai, G.Y.S. Wang, J.B. Bai
  Local reconstruction and controllable nanospot welding of multiwalled carbon nanotubes under mild electron beam irradiation
MATER LETT,60(20), 2433?2437 ,2006 [PDF文件下载]
17、 G. Liu, F. Li, Z.G. Chen, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  The role of NH3 atmosphere in preparing nitrogen-doped TiO2 by mechanochemical reaction
J SOLID STATE CHEM,179 (1), 331-335,2006 [PDF文件下载]
18、 C.G. Liu, H.T. Fang, F. Li, M. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Single-walled carbon nanotubes modified by electrochemical treatment for application in electrochemical capacitors
J POWER SOURCES,160 (1), 758-761 ,2006 [PDF文件下载]
19、 Y. Chen, C. Liu, F. Li, H.M. Cheng
  Pore structure of multi-walled carbon nanotubes activated by air, CO2 and KOH
J POROUS MAT,13 (2), 141-146,2006 [PDF文件下载]
20、 H. Zhang, C.H. Sun, F. Li, H.X. Li, H.M. Cheng
  Purification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by annealing and extraction based on the difference in van der Waals potential
J PHYS CHEM B,110 (19), 9477-9481,2006 [PDF文件下载]
21、 H. Zhang, H.X. Li, H.M. Cheng
  Water-Soluble Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized with Sulfonated Polyaniline
J PHYS CHEM B,110 (18), 9095-9099,2006 [PDF文件下载]
22、 D.W. Wang, F. Li, H.T. Fang, M. Liu, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Effect of pore packing defects in 2-D ordered mesoporous carbons on ionic transport
J PHYS CHEM B,110 (17), 8570-8575,2006 [PDF文件下载]
23、 C.H. Sun, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Nonplanar distortions and strain energies of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
J PHYS CHEM B,110 (10), 4563-4568 ,2006 [PDF文件下载]
24、 C.H. Sun, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Strain energies due to nonplanar distortion of fullerenes and their dependence on structural motifs
J PHYS CHEM B,110 (1), 218-221 ,2006 [PDF文件下载]
25、 G. Liu, Z.G. Chen, D.C. Lei, Y.N. Zhao, F. Li, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Visible light photocatalyst: Iodine-doped mesoporous titania with a bicrystalline framework
J PHYS CHEM B,110 (42), 20823-20828,2006 [PDF文件下载]
26、 W.C. Ren, F. Li, H.M. Cheng
  Evidence for, and an understanding of, the initial nucleation of carbon nanotubes produced by a floating catalyst method
J PHYS CHEM B,110 (34), 16941-16946,2006 [PDF文件下载]
27、 X.D. Yao, C.Z. Wu, A.J. Du, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng, S.C. Smith, J. Zou, Y.H. He
  Mg-based nanocomposites with high capacity and fast kinetics for hydrogen storage
J PHYS CHEM B,110 (24), 11697-11703,2006 [PDF文件下载]
28、 C.H. Sun, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Comparative studies of hyperhomodesmotic reactions for the calculation of standard heats of formation of fullerenes
J PHYS CHEM A,110 (1), 299-302 ,2006 [PDF文件下载]
29、 Z.G. Chen, F. Li, G. Liu, Y.B. Tang, H.T. Cong, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Preparation of High Purity ZnO Nanobelts by Thermal Evaporation of ZnS
J NANOSCI NANOTECHNO,6 (3), 704-707,2006 [PDF文件下载]
30、 X.D. Yao, C.Z. Wu, H. Wang, H.M. Cheng, G.Q. Lu
  Effects of carbon nanotubes and metal catalysts on hydrogen storage in magnesium nanocomposites
J NANOSCI NANOTECHNO,6 (2), 494-498,2006 [PDF文件下载]
31、 W.C. Ren, F. Li, S. Bai, H.M. Cheng
  The effect of sulfur on the structure of carbon nanotubes produced by a floating catalyst method
J NANOSCI NANOTECHNO,6 (5), 1339-1345,2006 [PDF文件下载]
32、 Z.G. Zhao, S. Bai, Z. Ying, J.B. Bai, H.M. Cheng
  Shaping different carbon nano- and submicro-structures by alcohol chemical vapor deposition
J MATER RES,21 (10), 2504-2509,2006 [PDF文件下载]
33、 B. Zhang, S. Bai, H.M. Cheng, Q.K. Cai
  Graphitization-induced microstructural changes in tetrahydrofuran-derived pyrolytic carbon spheres
J MATER RES,21 (9), 2198-2203,2006 [PDF文件下载]
34、 X.D. Kang, P. Wang, H.M. Cheng
  Electron microscopy study of Ti-doped sodium aluminum hydride prepared by mechanical milling NaH/Al with Ti powder
J APPL PHYS,100 (3), 034914,2006 [PDF文件下载]
35、 X.D. Kang, P. Wang, Song XP, Yao Xiang-Dong, Lu Gao-Qing, H.M. Cheng
  Catalytic effect of Al3Ti on the reversible dehydrogenation of NaAlH4
J ALLOY COMPD,424 (1-2), 365-369,2006 [PDF文件下载]
36、 P. Wang, X.D. Kang, H.M. Cheng
  Dependence of H-storage performance on preparation conditions in TiF3 doped NaAIH(4)
J ALLOY COMPD,421 (1-2), 217-222,2006 [PDF文件下载]
37、 C.Z. Wu, P. Wang, X.D. Yao, C. Liu, D.M. Chen, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Hydrogen storage properties of MgH2/SWNT composite prepared by ball milling
J ALLOY COMPD,420 (1-2), 278-282,2006 [PDF文件下载]
38、 C.Z. Wu, P. Wang, X.D. Yao, C. Liu, D.M. Chen, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng
  Effect of carbon/noncarbon addition on hydrogen storage behaviors of magnesium hydride
J ALLOY COMPD,414 (1-2), 259-264,2006 [PDF文件下载]
39、 Y. Chen, C.Z. Wu, P. Wang, H.M. Cheng
  Structure and hydrogen storage property of ball-milled LiNH2/MgH2 mixture
INT J HYDROGEN ENERG,31 (9), 1236-1240,2006 [PDF文件下载]
40、 Jiang P, Li F, Wang YP
  Effect of different types of carbon on microstructure and arcing behavior of Ag/C contact materials
IEEE T COMPON PACK T, 29 (2), 420-423,2006 [PDF文件下载]
41、 Y. Zhang, X.G. Zhang, H.L. Zhang, Z.G. Zhao, F. Li, C. Liu, H.M. Cheng
  Composite anode material of silicon/graphite/carbon nanotubes for Li-ion batteries
ELECTROCHIM ACTA,51 (23), 4994-5000,2006 [PDF文件下载]
42、 Y. Wang, X. Xu, Z.Q. Tian, Y. Zong, H.M. Cheng, C.J. Lin
  Selective heterogeneous nucleation and growth of size-controlled metal nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes in solution
CHEM-EUR J ,12 (9), 2542-2549,2006 [PDF文件下载]
43、 Q.R. Fang, G.S. Zhu, M. Xue, Q.L. Zhang, J.Y. Sun, X.D. Guo, S.L. Qiu, S.T. Xu, P. Wang, D.J. Wang, Y. Wei
  Microporous metal-organic framework constructed from heptanuclear zinc carboxylate secondary building units
CHEM-EUR J,12 (14), 3754-3758,2006 [PDF文件下载]
44、 H.L. Zhang, Y. Zhang, X.G. Zhang, F. Li, C. Liu, J. Tan, H.M. Cheng
  Urchin-like nano/micro hybrid anode materials for lithium ion battery
CARBON,44 (13), 2778-2784,2006 [PDF文件下载]
45、 H.L. Zhang, S.H. Liu, F. Li, S. Bai, C. Liu, J. Tan, H.M. Cheng
  Electrochemical performance of pyrolytic carbon-coated natural graphite spheres
CARBON,44 (11), 2212-2218,2006 [PDF文件下载]
46、 W. Xing, S.Z. Qiao, R.G. Ding, F. Li, G.Q. Lu, Z.F. Yan, H.M. Cheng
  Superior electric double layer capacitors using ordered mesoporous carbons
CARBON,44 (2), 216-224,2006 [PDF文件下载]
47、 Y.B. Tang, H.T. Cong, Z.M. Wang, H.M. Cheng
  Catalyst-seeded synthesis and field emission properties of flowerlike Si-doped AlN nanoneedle array
APPL PHYS LETT,89(25), 253112,2006 [PDF文件下载]
48、 Y.B. Tang, H.T. Cong, H.M. Cheng
  Field emission from honeycomblike network of vertically aligned AlN nanoplatelets
APPL PHYS LETT,89 (9), 093113,2006 [PDF文件下载]
49、 C. Liu, R.W. Li,??A. Belic,?D. Golberg,?Y. Bando, H.M. Cheng
  Magnetic nanocables-Silicon carbide sheathed with iron-oxide-doped amorphous silica
APPL PHYS LETT,88 (4), 043105 ,2006 [PDF文件下载]
50、 F.Y. Wu, X.J. He, Y. Zeng, H.M. Cheng
  Thermal transport enhancement of multi-walled carbon nanotubes/high-density polyethylene composites
APPL PHYS A-MATER,85 (1), 25-28,2006 [PDF文件下载]
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