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  Graphene-like carbon nitride nanosheets for improved photocatalytic activities  
P. Niu, L. L. Zhang, G. Liu*, H. M. Cheng
Advanced Functional Materials,22 (22), 4763-4770 [PDF Download]
    ˇ°Graphiticˇ± (g)-C3N4 with a layered structure has the potential of forming graphene-like nanosheets with unusual physicochemical properties due to weak van der Waals forces between layers. Herein is shown that g-C3N4 nanosheets with a thickness of around 2 nm can be easily obtained by a simple top-down strategy, namely, thermal oxidation etching of bulk g-C3N4 in air. Compared to the bulk g-C3N4 , the highly anisotropic 2D-nanosheets possess a high specific surface area of 306 m2 g1 , a larger bandgap (by 0.2 eV), improved electron transport ability along the in-plane direction, and increased lifetime of photoexcited charge carriers because of the quantum confinement effect. As a consequence, the photocatalytic activities of g-C3 N4 nanosheets have been remarkably improved in terms of •OH radical generation and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution.
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