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  Self-assembled CdS/Au/ZnO heterostructure induced by surface polar charges for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution  
Z. B. Yu, Y. P. Xie, G. Liu*, G. Q. Lu, X. L. Ma, H. M. Cheng
Journal of Materials Chemistry A,1 (8), 2773-2776 [PDF Download]
    A ternary heterostructure of CdS/Au/ZnO, where a core-shell structure of Au/CdS is selectively deposited on the polar surface of ZnO induced by the surface polar charges of ZnO crystals, is prepared through a two-step self-assembly process. The resultant heterostructure shows an activity 4.5 times higher in photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water containing Na2S/Na2SO3 electron donors than the binary CdS/ZnO heterostructure as a result of the effective vectorial Z-scheme transfer of photogenerated charge carriers between ZnO and CdS mediated by Au nanoparticles at the interface.
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