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  Superhydrophobic graphene foams  
E. Singh, Z. P. Chen, F. Houshmand, W. C. Ren, Y. Peles, H. M. Cheng*, N. Koratkar*
Small,9 (1), 75-80 [PDF Download]
    The static and dynamic wetting properties of a 3D graphene foam network are reported. The foam is synthesized using template-directed chemical vapor deposition and contains pores several hundred micrometers in dimension while the walls of the foam comprise few-layer graphene sheets that are coated with Teflon. Water contact angle measurements reveal that the foam is superhydrophobic with an advancing contact angle of similar to 163 degrees while the receding contact angle is similar to 143 degrees. The extremely water repellent nature of the foam is also confirmed when impacting water droplets are able to completely rebound from the surface. Such superhydrophobic graphene foams show potential in a variety of applications ranging from anti-sticking and self-cleaning to anti-corrosion and low-friction coatings.
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