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  Designing Semiconductor Metal Oxides for Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion  
Prof. Lianzhou Wang:The University of Adelaide, Australia
    The increasing concerns over the climate change and exhausting fossil fuels have seen great efforts being directed toward the development of new energy generation /conversion systems. Innovative materials for energy conversion hold the key for renewable energy production. The ability to design these nanomaterials with tailored structures and functionalised properties is an important challenge that researchers strive to meet. Aimed at developing new nanostructures for efficient photcatalytic air/water pollutant decomposition, solar hydrogen generation and low cost solar cells, we have recently developed a group of semiconducting metal oxides. In particular, we have been focusing the following two aspects of semiconductors; 1) wet-chemical crystal growth to develop new metal oxide nanoparticles with enriched reactive facets or specific morphologies, which have demonstrated enhanced conversion efficiency when using as photoanodes for dye-sensitized solar cells applications; and 2) band-gap engineering of a number of layered metal oxides including titanate, tantalates and niobate-based pervoskites for use as visible light driven photocatalysis process.
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