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  Grain boundaries in graphene: From control to observations and applications  
Prof. Younghee Lee:Sungkyunkwan University
    In spite of successful synthesis of large area single-layer graphene using a simple chemical vapor deposition on transition metals such as Ni and Cu, control of high crystallininity is far from being clearly understood. Some examples of controlling nucleation seeds with polishing of Cu foil will be shown. More importantly, observing grain boundary distributions in large area is highly demanding since this is also related to macroscopic experimental data, for instance, sheet resistance or mobility, although local information at the grain boundary could be obtained from transmission electron microscopy. In this talk, we will demonstrate that the graphene grain boundary distribution could be observed by optical microscopy. This was done by simply oxidizing graphene on Cu substrate, where the selective diffusion took place through graphene grain boundaries but not inside grain. In addition, we will also show our long time effort of using nanocarbons in electronic devices that the CNT-graphene hybridized structures can be used for all-carbon transitors with high transmittance, high flexibility, and high stretchability to demontrate synergistic effect of both materials.
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