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  Carbon materials in electrocatalytic oxygen reduction: From fundamental to experimental  
Dr. Da-wei Wang:The University of Queensland
    The emerging concerns over electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) stem from the growing demand of oxygen-based advanced energy technologies, in particular the Li-O2/Air batteries. The best electrocatalyst for ORR is Pt. But the very high cost impedes its large scale use in commercial batteries. In recent years, great efforts are being directed towards development of non-noble nanocatalysts to replace Pt. In our group, we have been consistently studying the roles of electrode structure, evaluation method and materials chemistry in ORR catalysed by carbon materials. In this talk, I would 1) introduce the general methods for ORR measurement, 2) review the progress in doped carbon materials for ORR and discuss some misunderstandings in the literature, 3) analyse how the data evaluation method would cause arbitrary error, and 4) suggest the way to study and optimize the electrode structure for lowering ORR overpotential.
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